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    Medi Via Regen & Adinizer: A New Era in Vagina Fat Injection Aesthetics - Barbie Labia

    Medi Via Regen & Adinizer: A New Era in Vagina Fat Injection Aesthetics - Barbie Labia

    1. Autologous Fat Obtaining;

     Autologous fat collection is safely collected from the patient with a specially designed atraumatic fat collection cannula (2.8 mm diameter), included in the Adinizer Smart Kit, under appropriate sterile conditions, with the support of a negative pressure snapper and other equipment.

    1. First Centrifuge: Obtaining Condensed Oil;

     In this process, the aim is to eliminate red blood components such as triglyceride, erythrocyte, and adipocyte, which are found in the fat tissue taken from the patient and affect the number and viability of stromal cells, and to separate the tumescent fluid given before the fat removal process. After 2 minutes of centrifugation at 500g, the blood elements remaining in the bottom layer, tumescent fluid and the triglyceride at the top are discarded.

    1. Mechanical Decomposition in Closed Sterile System;

     After the first centrifugation, the fat tissue collected from the patient is passed through 2,400μ, 1,200μ, 600μ and 400μ Adnizier blades located between two syringes. Parenchymal cells and stromal cells in the fat tissue are separated mechanically after cutting.

    1. Stromal Cell Isolation;

     After the mechanical separation process, the product is centrifuged for the last time at 1200g for 5 minutes and as a result of this process, 3 layers are obtained depending on density. These layers consist of stromal cell solution (SVF) at the bottom, stromal cell aggregate (ECM) at the top, and condensed fat tissue above it. The final products we obtain after the procedure are used for regenerative purposes and correctly performed permanent fat transfer.

    Adinizer is the first and only patented ultra-sharp blade system in the world with CE, FDA, KFDA, TGA certificates, with which you can quickly and easily process the fat tissue you take from patients. It is the best solution for genital area filler injection applications with Adlerininer.

    Cosmetic results can be achieved in a single session. With its ultra-sharp titanium Adinizer blades, it can give the desired size to the fat tissue by increasing the survival of the tissue without creating blunt pressure, releases the regenerative cells and activates the cells in the fat tissue.

    Vaginal Aesthetics

    This procedure is generally called Vaginoplasty, Labioplasty, Labium Majora Augmentation, O Shot and G Shot.

    In the Labium Majora application, the fat collected after the separation process is injected into the inner lips. As the lip area fills in, it curves inwards and the vulva area becomes smaller. Fat injection is already a very common procedure. If you research this process on the internet, you will read in the descriptions that 50% – 60% of the fat melts very quickly, while the rest can remain for up to 6-12 months. But obviously they don’t use Adinizer in those procedures. It is important that fat cells are not damaged during fat collection and separation processes. Adinizer is a blade system made of FDA-approved titanium that keeps fat cells undamaged and alive. The main difference is that this process is performed with the Adinizer Mechanical separation system, which ensures the permanence of the injected fat tissue for a much longer period of time (3-5 years). According to the patient’s request, the separated SVF is injected into the clitoris area for regeneration in vaginoplasty, and O Shot and G Shot are injected into the clitoris area to increase pleasure through microvascularization.

    Post-discharge recommendations;

    Avoiding hot showers for a week, not rubbing the genital area, avoid a blows, not using spas, hot baths, hot pools for a month, not wearing tight pants, and avoiding cycling. In addition, a one-month restriction was imposed on sexual intervention and heavy sports.

    Note: Smoking is the most harmful factor that causes fat loss.

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